Final program - timetable (73.0 KB, PDF)

The preliminary topics listed below are propositions. The mission of the 2016 conference is to give space for presentations, open formats, small workshops, intense discussion and for net-working.

I Thematic Session - Cultural ES and Sustainable Regional Development
The session will cover the role of cultural ES in urban, rural and regional planning and devel-opment, and in different regional/socio-economic contexts. We welcome the presentation of case studies, methodological frameworks for including cultural ES in planning and develop-ment and of discussion contributions.

Keynote: "Valuing Cultural Landscapes in the Southern European Context: Challengues and Opportunities". María Loureiro. Department of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis. University of Santiago de Compostela.

II Thematic Session - Governance of Cultural Assets
This session addresses how different governance mechanisms and approaches as well as regulatory or financial policy instruments can contribute to sustain cultural ES and cultural heritage at multiple scales. Welcome are case studies that showcase how efficient different governance or policy mechanisms are. We invite also discussion contributions that appraise the efficiency of different current or future governance and policy instruments.

Keynote: "Landscape management based on cultural services: the Basque country case". Igone Palacios-Agundez. Department of Plant Biology and Ecology. University of the Basque Country

III Thematic Session - Mapping and Assessment of Cultural ES
The session will deal with methodological advances how cultural ES can be mapped and as-sessed, addressing diverse qualitative and quantitative approaches for mapping and of eco-nomic (monetary and non-monetary) approaches for evaluation. Welcome are again case studies from different world regions as well as more methodological presentations.

Keynote: "Mapping cultural ecosystem services: pushing the limits of data, knowledge and creativity". Marta Pérez-Soba, Department of Earth System Science. Wageningen University.

Round table - role of cultural ES and cultural heritage in landscape development for fighting marginalization
Experiences drawn from practice, regional vulnerabilities and risks

Abstract submission

Please see under the "Registration" section. Abstract (max 300 words) are due by July, 10th, 2016. Notifications of acceptance will be by July, 25th, 2016. Please use the registration form available here for the preparation of your abstract.

The presentations given at the conference will be invited to participate at a special issue (journal still in discussion) and / or to submit a contribution to CASES (Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems,